Project Director

Jake Adams is a composer, guitarist, curator and ethnomusicologist from West Yorkshire. His work primarily focuses on cross-cultural composition and the methods and issues surrounding this field. In addition to composing for western instruments, Jake has a passion for writing for instruments from other cultures, recently composing Redshift for piano and Javanese gamelan for Gamelan Sekar Petak and Nocturnal, a new work for solo sitar as part of Psappha’s Composing for Sitar scheme. His music has been performed by many ensembles, including the Quatuor Diotima, the Chimera Ensemble, AMOK and Gamelan Sekar Petak. Jake completed both his undergraduate and postgraduate studies at the University of York, recently graduating with a Master of Arts with distinction, supervised by Professor Thomas Simaku. Jake has a passion for the study of music outside of the Western classical tradition, with his main focus currently being the musics of South-East Asia. He also firmly believes in the importance of collaboration in the arts and in 2019 founded The Arc Project, a collaborative new music initiative dedicated to the creation and promotion of new music.



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