i’m an experimental composer-performer.

i live in stirchley, in birmingham. i am studying a phd. I am a composer-in-residence with stan’s cafe. i just finished studying experimental performance at the royal birmingham conservatoire. i am irish. i studied music at the university of york and i am the director of a m o k: an experimental music and performance platform based in york. i am one half of experimental music duo flxnflx with maya-leigh rosenwasser

i do things. i make things. i do the things i make. i make the things i do. i do things that other people make. i make things for other people to do.

i have made music for people to sing on their bikes, music for people in boxes after a dream about boxes, sounds without making the sounds. i have entered a void to hear tiny sound, improvised on a moving bridge, made a radio play about death, performed with fellow composer-performer neil luck live onstage at the bbc proms and i won nonclassical's 2020 battle of the bands.