Owen is a composer and jazz trombone player from Horndean, Hampshire. He is currently studying for a Masters in Composition by research at the University of York, where he previously completed his undergraduate degree in music from 2017-2020. His recent research has led on from philosophy and religion from primarily South-East Asia (most notably Buddhism), as well as music involved in or inspired by particular traditions such as gamelan. With a more specific focus on awareness, Owen has begun to resonate and engage with this material in his ongoing work on varying levels - from producing sonic experiences using group meditation in tandem with notated material, to writing allegorical pieces illustrating Buddhist perspectives, often inspired by artistic and literary sources.

Much of Owen's acoustic music can be found on SoundCloud (https://soundcloud.com/owencrussell), and his electronic music has its home on Bandcamp (https://owenrussell.bandcamp.com/).

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