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January Updates


We’re always looking for new recommendations for our Instagram exclusive ‘Arc Recommends’ series. The recommendations so far have been compiled on our Story Highlights so go check that out! If you have a piece you would like to recommend, do send it through along with a small blurb on why the piece has had an impact on you.


Beyond 88

We are excited to announce the groups for our first project of 2021, Beyond 88!


Desmond Clarke

Angela Slater

Ralph Lewis

Anton Lindstrom

Selena Ryan

Aaron Hunt


Hannah Gibbs

Kieran Crowley

Cameron McArthur

Nick Lauener

Emma Walker

Matt Nicholls

For this project, composers have been paired with a group of 3 pianists to create new piano works that explore techniques beyond the confines on the keyboard.

Digital Ensembles Edition

Our new Digital Ensembles Edition project has started! This project assigns a group of performers with a composer to collaboratively create a piece in a style of their choice. We're so excited to hear what the create. Their pieces will be released later this year, so watch this space!


James Mcllwrath is calling all composers! If you send him a score, he will perform it and send you a recording for free. All instruments/vocal ranges, text and graphic scores are welcome. Send him an email with the subject ‘perform my score’ to jamemcil57@gmail.com.

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