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June Updates

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

NEWS Special Spotlight

In conjunction with Mental Health Awareness Month, last month we released a special interview with Aulus Duo to talk about Project Bottled, their project aimed at building mental health awareness in children. Check it out here!

Composer Spotlight

We sat down with composer and sound artist Maja Palser to talk about her work, the influence of rock music and performance in public spaces. Have a read here! CONCERT UPDATES

Beyond 88

We are excited to announce that recording sessions for this project will be taking place at the end of the month! Stay tuned for updates on the release date.

We have had a few changes in the people involved in the project and would like to once again announce the people who have been working very hard to bring this project to life!


Ralph Lewis

Aaron Hunt

Desmond Clarke

Angela Slater

Anton Lindstrom


Marianna Cortesi

Cameron McArthur

Kieran Crowley

Kate Ledger

Wing Lam Yeda Shum

Digital Ensembles Edition

The new works created for The ArcProject Digital Ensembles Edition will be released on our YouTube channel every Tuesday and Friday from June 29th. Be sure to follow us on our social media pages to hear each new piece as it is released!

MEMBERS BULLETIN Lynette Quek’s group “The elephants and the” featuring Tom Collins, Mark Hanslip, Liam Maloney, Lynette Quek, Jemily Rime and Zongyu (Alex) Yin, have written a song called “Circus” with a video made using Artificial Intelligence for the AI Song Contest 2021!

Vote for them here.

Cyborg Thinks exhibition (also featuring Lynette Quek) is currently ongoing in Ulsan, South Korea! There will be a rendition on June 26th in Singapore, for more details click here!

Opportunity for composers and guitarists: The Twisted Spruce Online Symposium is currently accepting participants for their 2021 symposium. Find out more here!

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