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November Updates


We are now taking applications for our first project of 2021, Beyond 88. With this project, we hope to encourage the creation of new piano works that explore techniques beyond the confines of the keyboard. Do sign up here if you’re interested! The deadline for applications is 10th November 2020.

We recently released the next video in our YouTube series regarding writing for different instruments in a contemporary context. This video showcases Nathan Barker showing the wide variety of techniques that can be made using the French Horn. Click here to check it out! If you have any suggestions of potential organisations we could share our videos to, please drop us an email. Also, just a reminder to record if you have volunteered to make a video! We are so excited to showcase more instruments to be used in composition!

We’re always looking for new recommendations for our Instagram exclusive ‘Arc Recommends’ series. The recommendations so far have been compiled on our Story Highlights so go check that out! If you have a piece you would like to recommend, do send it through along with a small blurb on why the piece has had an impact on you.


Digital Edition

We'd like to thank all of the musicians involved with The Arc Project: Digital Edition for making such amazing music under such difficult circumstances, as well as everyone who has shared and enjoyed the music we have released. You can access all the music from the project over on our YouTube channel at any time!


Lynette Quek’s collaborative piece will be available on YouTube for two weeks! Click here. Frame Dragging is an interdisciplinary, intercultural project presented as a 4 part web series. It is an improvisational and experimental series featuring some of the best artists of this generation in Singapore. It serves to highlight the need for human interaction and non-verbal communication especially during times like these where people find difficulty in isolation.

'A piece of work consisting of elements of chaos, time, and space. Although irregular and nondeterministic, through recurrences can we predict and control forms of chaos. Visual particles represent existence among these elements to combine our practice of sound, image, and gestures.'

New work by Angela Slater to be performed in Iluminate’s concert on the University of York Music department’s YouTube channel on Wednesday 11th October. Illuminate Women’s Music is an organisation dedicated to the promotion of music, both historical and contemporary, composed by women. Also supporting talented female performers, Illuminate arranges repeat performance opportunities across the UK through an annual concert series.

The piece will be released in a series of films on November 12th, with a live premiere planned for 2021. Jake Adams has been commissioned by the Skipton Camerata as part of their Lockdown Diaries project.

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