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Updated: May 12

Hello and welcome to our blog!

Here we will be sharing exciting updates on what our members are up to as well as behind-the-scenes info on our projects.

On Monday 3rd August, we launched our new mini-project, "Arc Recommends"! Once a week on our Instagram Stories, we will be sharing a piece of contemporary music that has been recommended by one of our members that has shaped their musical listening, performance or composition. These will then be compiled in our Story Highlights for you to refer to if you need musical inspiration. If you would like to share a piece for this project, send us an email with the title and composer of the piece as well as a short description of why you like the piece/how it inspired you.

As a companion to our monthly email, here are some updates of the activities our members have been involved in:-

  • Jake Adams and Atefah Einali have new pieces for solo sitar released on YouTube by Psappha, performed by Jasdeep Singh Degun. Composed through Psappha’s annual ‘Composing for…’ scheme featuring 24 composers from around the UK. To listen to Jake's piece, click here and to listen to Atefeh's piece, click here. Psappha have a number of opportunities for composers and are currently accepting applications for their 2020/21 'Composing for...' schemes, click here for more information.

  • Our designer Emma Blackburn was recently featured on PRISM Reacts. Click here to watch! “PRISM Ensemble is 'a wind quintet dedicated to collaboration and the exploration of contemporary and experimental music.' For their PRISM Reacts series, in the spirit of coronavirus lockdown, I submitted some photographs I had taken in domestic environments. The ensemble then composed music inspired by the images and shared them in a video, accompanied by a Zoom interview with myself. This was my first experience of having my work translated into sound and it was great fun to hear the final piece!” James McIlwrath, composer/performance artist also appeared on this podcast discussing 'making things and other interesting things'.

  • Ruth Lee’s award winning piece ‘Dyr’ for solo lever or pedal harp now available for purchase (click here). The piece won the Iain Macleòid Young Composer Award 2019 and was recently premiered in the Virtual Edinburgh Harp Festival 2020.

  • AMOK in collaboration with Thinking/not thinking are curating a new live improvised music series in Birmingham, called Don't Mind Control. The series has been designed following  social distancing measures and will be looking for York based improvisers for future events. For more information and tickets click here. James Mcllwrath is performing alongside many other cool improvisers, if anyone from York would like to come he can sort out accommodation etc. 

If you have any updates to share, please email us at thearcprojectmusic@gmail.com

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